Pipeline AZ Connects People With Jobs and Education.

Pipeline AZ is where Arizona job seekers, students, employers, educational institutions, and nonprofits come to build Arizona’s workforce.

Pipeline AZ isn’t just another job board. It’s a career development and exploration platform designed to create more pathways to in-demand Arizona careers.

Pipeline AZ's Mission

Be the single access point for comprehensive career pathway information in Arizona.


Job Seekers




Schools and Colleges




Non-Profit Career Advisors

Pipeline AZ is Arizona's single source for:

  • Career pathway awareness
  • Opportunities for exploration related to users’ interests
  • Job opening matches based on users’ skills
  • Information and planning tools for education and industry-recognized credentials
  • Free job posts for employers
  • Tracking for workforce organizations

Our Partners

Pipeline AZ uses skills mapping technology to help students and job seekers begin a new career path, level-up in their existing careers, explore work or work-based learning opportunities and discover new passions that ignite their career trajectory.
For employers, Pipeline AZ is a valuable recruiting tool that features high-quality candidate matching, free job posting, and access to long-term career pipelines via partnerships with Arizona’s education systems.
Arizona-based career readiness non-profit partners use Pipeline AZ as a case management platform with career pathing, candidate messaging, and resume building functionality.

Work with Pipeline AZ

Pipeline AZ is made possible through the generous support of our community, industry, and government partners.

Learn more about sponsorship and recruitment opportunities with Pipeline AZ.